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The Freshmaka Biography

Born Samuel Von Freshmaka, in Wilhelmshaven, Germany, "The Freshmaka" moved to the rough and tumble Boston Massachusetts suburb, Bedford Hillsberry, when he was a mere 5 years of age. As most of you know, this turntable prodigy would later gain notoriety in the States when he served as D.J./mentor for teen dream, multi-platinum sensations, New Kids On The Block. The genesis of this relationship was actually forged, however, when the young mobile D.J. was booked at the 1983 bar mitzvah of Stephen "Donnie" Wahlberg, who would soon become the NKOTB leader and resident "bad boy." Soon Samuel Von Freshmaka would be found cutting and crossfading his way along a never-ending tour of the world's optimum malls & outlet stores. It was during one of these pandemonium-filled Saturday afternoons, when the NKOTB Tour roared into the Paramus Mall in sunny Paramus, New Jersey, that I, a struggling teenage songwriter, first encountered a man who would years later alter my creative destiny.

While the press lauded his scratching skills as revolutionary--Britain's "Melody Maker" dubbed him "Terminator F"--he was unceremoniously dumped by the group when rumors of a romantic relationship between Samuel and the New Kids' opening act, Teen icon/Poetess Ally Sheedy, began to steal headlines from the Boston based, "Fab Five."

When the group's reign of the charts began to slip--A result of numerous lawsuits, lipsinking allegations and Samuel's timely exit--The Freshmaka and The Brat Packer holed up in a secluded chalet in the south of France, where they composed a sexy ode to Samuel's steamy ways, the now infamous classic, "Moi Je T'aime Freshmaka." What started out as a tongue-in-cheek expression of young love grew into a revolutionary new musical work, as Samuel "borrowed" the rhythm track from The Police's legendary hit "Every Breath You Take"--A feat that would be copied by hip-hop mogul Sean "Puffy" Combs almost ten years to the date of "Moi Je T'aime Freshmaka"'s conception. While the track quickly buzzed across Europe and Asia, Samuel was awarded the highest form of praise when the term "SAMple" was coined for this new form of musical tapestry. With a suit pending from Police songwriter Sting and lyrical content that led actress Molly Ringwald to publicly state: "I really don't know what the hell Ally is thinking!", M.C.A. President, Jay Boberg, refused to release "Moi Je T'aime Freshmaka" without placing the first "Parental Advisory Sticker" on the record's jacket. What started out as a simple ballad between two star-crossed lovers, grew into a constitutional debate over the freedom of speech. When M.C.A. , following the lead of the Tipper Gore- led P.M.R.C. refused to distribute the ground-breaking work, in an unexpected and still heart-wrenching decision, Samuel Von Freshmaka reluctantly announced his retirement from the music business.

For nearly a decade, fans remained fascinated with the phenomenon of Samuel Von Freshmaka. Gossip columnists reported countless sightings and on-line chat rooms incessantly buzzed with rumors of his whereabouts. However it was by mere coincidence in 1997, that I finally came to meet the man whom I, like many other aspiring turntablists, worshipped in my adolescence.

As the newly named A&R Director of Pop Rox Records, I had just begun the arduous process of securing a trademark license with Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum to clear a dance compilation that we at Pop Rox had tentatively titled Hubba Bubba Beats, when I was given "Sammy Von Freshmaka" as the contact person from the Hubba Bubba consumer affairs department. When the name came across the phone, I nearly dropped the receiver! Could this have been the same Freshmaka? The man who put the trip in trip-hop and the Sam in sample? The man who turned the turntable into a one-man orchestra? The visionary who blended melodies and romance into a sludgy musical pot called "Gumbo?" As we casually spoke about his past and his glorious musical legacy, I learned that when his royalties had dried up, Freshmaka fled his urban dwelling and headed to a town where he would be free to walk anywhere without the perhaps unwarranted fear of overzealous fans, paparazzi and boy band bashing "grunge" rock enthusiasts. It was there he wed the heiress to the Hubba Bubba fortune--the former Jenny Hubbinsky. Years passed, as he slowly moved up the Hubba Bubba corporate ladder. His ascent to the top was finally crowned when his father-in-law rewarded his tireless work ethic with the opportunity to compose and create the first official Hubba Bubba Jingle. Sadly, after only five minutes in the studio, the full pain of his musical past returned and he was forced to walk away from the lucrative job. Though gaining Samuel's confidence wasn't easy, inevitably a friendship grew between The Freshmaka and myself. After not a little coaxing and the current successes of his childhood chums, the Pop Rox staff helped ease this legend back into the studio with the illustrious record producer Duke Mushroom, where, within months, he began work on his long-delayed, first full-length commercial release in a decade. As Samuel says when pressed on the issue "It's been wonderful to see my friends Jordan and Joey make such tremendous musical strides and I'm just looking forward to spreading joy across the world myself!" We at Pop Rox celebrate this venerable super lover of mythic proportions and are proud to release his debut, The Boy In The Plastic Bubble Hop, recorded in the Hubba Bubba Jingle Studio in Rockville Centre, Long Island. Ladies and gentlemen, with no further interruptions, I, the Pop Rox staff and the kind folks at Moonshine Music, present to you the shining star of the millennium... The first- The foremost- The Freshmaka!

Tom Casanova
The Family Casanova
A&R Director
Pop Rox Records